None shall drown

Redningsselskapet is a voluntary humanitarian memeber organization. We are working towards our vision: None shall drown.

When the storm hits you at sea. When you are in need. When it is a matter of seconds. Our sea rescuers will set out with only one goal in mind: To save lives.

Saving lives is the core of everything we do in Redningsselskapet. It has been that way ever since our first rescue boat were launched in 1893.

None shall drown

Over 125 years later we are proud to have saved over 6,400 lives. Every year we teach 30,000 children and young people good boating skills and seamanship. But we are far from reaching our goal. Annually over 100 people drown in Norway. Globally 400 000 people drown every year.

Our vision is ”None shall drown!

To reach that vision, we work every day to improve safety at sea.

1,500 rescuers, 51 rescue vessels

We are a volunteer, humanitarian membership organization that counts 1,500 rescuers, divided into 51 rescue vessels across the country. We also work internationally.

The support from the state counts for only 15 percent of our income. In order to create safety at sea, we rely on both volunteer efforts and donations from individuals and businesses as well as our more than 105,000 members.

Together we are saving lives.

Key figures about Redningsselskapet

  • 60 employees located at the head office in Oslo
  • 5 regional branches with 14 employees
  • 194 professional seamen on 26 rescue vessels and 4 ambulance boats
  • 1,300 volunteers manning 25 rescue vessels
  • Budget:: NOK 550 millions

Redningsselskapets årsrapport 2017

Redningsselskapet in three minutes (norwegian)